January 01, 2020

Fun & Unique Ideas for Municipal Holiday Events

Your town or city’s community is probably getting ready for the holidays right about now. Why not invite them to a spectacular tree lighting ceremony, a Black Friday Event or even Small Business Saturday Promotion? These are important holiday events for the community, so make them extra special this winter season. You can also check out our Municipal Guide eBook blog post that talks all about how you can take advantage of our many winter themed attractions!

Tree Lighting Ceremony Ideas

We know this is a big deal for your city. Tree lighting ceremonies are one of the most important events that cities across the United States fixate over. Let us make your tree lighting ceremony flawless and fun! 

Tree lighting events are exciting for all ages of the community, but make it even more fun by renting some winter attractions as well. A synthetic ice rink or a giant slide is a great way to elevate your event and bring it to the next level. Have your guests walking away saying “WOW”. Our larger than life attractions are a great compliment to your giant tree!

Black Friday Fun

Does your city go all out for Black Friday? Do you have a lot of stores and shops within your municipality? Artificial Ice Events can put together a stunning display with tons of attractions and entertainment options for your community to awe over. What better way to promote Black Friday than with more holiday specials? We understand that not everyone might be in the shopping mood after a huge Thanksgiving meal, which is why at Artificial Ice Events, we can throw together an impressive winter wonderland throughout your city’s center to keep everyone happy and full of the holiday spirit.

Small Business Saturday Events

Ring in December by going all out for the last weekend of November. Keep the party going by promoting Small Business Saturday, as well!  We want to make sure all businesses get the recognition they deserve throughout your municipality. Artificial Ice Events can turn your city or town into one big promotion for all small businesses throughout. 

Our attractions are a great way to drive traffic to your downtown areas which in turn will create more opportunities for your small businesses! Encourage all of the local shops and restaurants to get involved by offering stations such as photos with Santa, cookie decorating, face painting and hot chocolate! This offers a great sense of community in your Main Street areas and should help increase spending within your community.

Winter Attraction Add-Ons

In addition to our infamous synthetic ice skating rinks, you can add on other winter attractions and fun arrangements that are sure to bring a smile to all ages of your community. 

1.) Synthetic Ice

With our popular synthetic ice rinks, you can turn a special event into a spectacular one that nobody will forget. We can create our rinks into any shape and size, so it can adhere to your requirements, as well. We can make your municipal event a truly unforgettable experience with our amazing ice rinks.

2.) Snowman Bounce House

Looking for some more common fun for your municipal event? Well, it’s not quite common, as our Bouncy the World’s Tallest Snowman stands at 30 feet tall, but it’s a bounce house your community will always remember. Have our snowman bounce house at all your winter themed events! He is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Ask about our 30 foot tall Santa as well!

3.) Snow Globes

We offer so many types of snowglobes. If you want to have one just for show, we have your back. If you want an interactive one, we have those, as well. You might be wondering what exactly is an interactive snow globe. Well, our SnowGlobe Live is like no other! It’s an exciting winter wonderland photo experience where you actually step inside of it. Bring on the magic to your city with one of these 15 foot tall snowy wonderlands.

4.) Snowmazing

Another one of our centerpiece attractions are sure to keep your community occupied and having a blast. Our winter themed maze invites you into the whimsical world of our snowman wonderland. It has a high throughput, keeping everyone at your municipal event busy with one attraction or another.

5.) Everest Climb N Slide

Our 30 foot tall Everest Slide and centerpiece attraction can bring so much fun for the children (and even adults) of your community. Journey to the top of the peak and enjoy a fun ride down whichever path you may choose. This is one of our adrenaline packed attractions that brings excitement to the whole family. 

6.) Snow Effects

Artificial Ice Events literally has you covered – covered in snow! We are your one stop shop for winter snow effects. So whether you’re organizing a city-wide tree lighting ceremony in California, Arizona, Texas, or even Florida, we’ve got you covered. We use commercial grade units that can create a gentle snowfall or even an intense flurry to meet the standards of your winter event. Not only do we use these machines in the outside environment, but we can also make your indoor experience a snow-fallen world, as well.

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