artificial ice comparisons

The Comparisons:
All ice rental companies are not the same! Who has time for comparison shopping? WE DO!

Largest United States inventory with back up sheets guarantees availablity
For United States locations for local coverage
Ice skates included in all ice rental packages
Onsite skate sharpening
Game facilitation I.E. Broom Ball, Hockey, Etc.
Full time office staff available for immediate questions and price quotes
State of the art ice surface designed specifically for skating, not generic plastic others call ice
Immediate insurance certificates naming client as additional insured
Affordable extended rentals
On hand extras to include lighting, snow machines, beneches, heaters, etc.
Proven track record of hundreds of events per season that other companies just can’t claim

artificial ice
vs. real ice

On average an 85’ × 185’ ice rink set up indoors of real ice costs approximately $5-7k per month in refrigeration costs. Unlike with synthetic ice rinks, it takes approximately 10 miles of piping to freeze an ice rink. Glycol (anti-freeze) is chilled by compressors and flows continuously through the pipes 24 hours a day to keep the temperature of the ice surface at a cool 16 degrees. It takes 15,000 gallons of water to make a regulation-size rink ready before hockey games are to be played on them. Approximately 150 gallons of water are needed for resurfacing. None of this is necessary with artificial ice… no water, no refrigeration, no kidding!