February 02, 2020

New eBook: Your Municipal Guide To Planning Winter Themed Events

Attention City and Town Planners! Artificial Ice Events is introducing its new eBook featuring fun attraction for your next Main Street event!

Learn all about how to bring on the fun and unite your whole community together through a winter themed event. Download out eBook complimentary! Artificial Ice Events will guide you through many creative ways to amplify your next event with winter themed ideas that are sure to rock your Main Street party.

In it, you can discover:

  • 4 Key Benefits Artificial Ice Offers Your Municipality
  • Bring the Community Together Through A Winter Experience
  • Annual Tree Lighting Events
  • Black Friday Events
  • Small Business Saturday Promotions
  • 8 Ways to Amplify Your Event With Even More!
  • Stay Safe and Protected With Our Company


Download our Free eBook Guide: Your Municipal Guide To Planning Winter Themed Events