Snowzilla JR/SR

artificial ice event’s presents


snowzilla & snowzilla jr.

the only ones in the united states and canada

Snowzilla SR.
Snowzilla JR.

This inflatable taboggan slide is made for adults and children. It is perfect for simulating a slide down a snow covered hill when winter conditions are not available. This is a massive attraction and riders board a snow tube for the ride to the bottom of the slide. It is a high throughput piece and is the only one in the United States. It has tremendous WOW factor and for many sliders, it is the only time they will ever have a chance to experience a snow tube. You simply climb up the stairs, sit in your inflatable snow tube and down you come spinning and twisting.

  • use indoors & out

  • uses real snow tubes

  • high throughput item

At almost 35’ feet tall and 90’ long Snowzilla Jr. guarantees to be that winter themed slide with the Wow factor you were looking for! Climb 20’ of rugged terrain to the summit and at the top of your hike you are faced with almost 50’ of an exhilarating slide! Beneath this massive winter themed slide is an enclosed jumping area moonwalk. Two attractions in one! The piece is highly visual and even has options for custom branding.

  • highly visual

  • high throughput

  • centerpiece attraction

Physical Dimensions 40' x 70' x 40'
Overall Dimensions Required(Including peripheral dimensions) 65' x 95' x 40'
Power Required (4) dedicated 20 amp circuits
Throughput 200+ guests per hour
Physical Dimensions 2 90’ x 25‘ x 31’
Overall Dimensions Required(Including peripheral dimensions) 90’ x 25‘ x 31’
Power Required (3) 20 amp circuits
Throughput 230 guests per hour
custom sign dimensions (addtional charges) 124.5” x 41”

snowzilla is bigger, less expensive and faster than ice covered slides

make money by booking snowzilla now

SNOWZILLA tube slide with crushed ice
required truck loads of ice blocks for sliding surface
multi day installation required to prep sliding surface
refrigeration truck onsite required
approximate sliding surface height of 15 feet
approximate sliding surface height of 35 feet
available for extended installations with no ongoing fees
melting ice causing a mess through your event
same day set up and tear down
15 slider capacity for high volume crowds