snowglobe live!

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snowglobe live!

what is snowglobe live! ?

Step inside the fun this winter with SnowGlobe Live! This major attraction is the first of its kind in the United States and features an exciting winter wonderland photo experience like no other. Explore this giant inflatable snow globe complete with holiday décor elements and a large artificial snow play area. A great photo op for up to 6 guests – just enter, play, pose and take home a great photo souvenir from SnowGlobe Live!

SnowGlobe Live! brings the magic and merriment of treasured snow globes right to your fingertips with its impressive 15 foot tall presence. Suitable for any age, SnowGlobe Live! allows the entire family to experience real quality family fun like no other. It truly is something different, unique and a great attention grabber! This special life size snow globe is ideal for use at shopping malls, theme parks, museums, municipalities and universities, tree lighting ceremonies and much more!It has remarkable marketing and promotional opportunities with custom backdrops / signage and also has proven results for generating revenue with the sale of framed souvenir photos.

Physical Dimensions15’ x 15’ x 15’
Overall Dimensions Required (Including peripheral dimensions)25’ x 25’ x 15’
Power Required(2) 20 amp circuits
ThroughputVaries based upon group size and number of prints per group

how does snowglobe live! work?

SnowGlobe Live! is an exciting and safe inflatable snow globe that allows anyone to enter and experience the magic of being inside! Featuring a patented twin airlock chamber system, SnowGlobe Live! only needs to be inflated once for the duration of any event. How does this work?

Snowglobe live! is available exclusively through artificial ice events

The snow globe sustains air from a hidden blower system underneath the floor of the unit that continuously supplies air pressure and inflates the globe. In addition, the snow globe is divided into two sections split by a special backdrop curtain that you see when looking at the front of the globe. The front section, or main globe, is where the fun happens! A perfect photo op, this area can be staged for the ultimate winter wonderland. Behind the curtain is the actual air chamber and is the transitional space where patrons enter and exit from. Once the entry point is secured, patrons enter the main globe through a special zipped door on the backdrop. The merriment is endless with SnowGlobe Live!

why snowglobe live! ?

  • non-denominational holiday item

  • family fun

  • decorative

  • customizable backdrops with your logo

  • snow play area

  • revenue generator

snowglobe live! is perfect for:

  • mall promotions
  • hotels
  • theme parks
  • cruise ships
  • holiday parties
  • museums
  • casinos
  • tree lightings

customize your snow globe

1 The Photo overlay

2 The Photo overlay

3 the snowglobe backdrop

4 the snowglobe base

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