benefits of artificial ice

Cost Savings

Synthetic ice rinks offer great cost savings compared to refrigerated ice. They require no refrigeration and no water, meaning no electric or water bill for you. Our portable skating rinks and ice skating supplies can be rented as needed for special occasions or we can create custom ice rinks for sale for more permanent arenas.

The Right size for any space

Artificial ice skating and hockey rinks can be made in any size or shape a 4’ × 8’ sheet can be fitted to. Our synthetic ice arenas can be created to fit any size space and group of skaters. We create outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks for all situations. The ice skating rink can be built on any flat surface such as a tennis court or asphalt parking lot

Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic ice skating rinks require no refrigeration, a huge savings in use of electric energy resources. Artificial ice construction also means no water use for our skating rinks, making more of this valuable resource available for more essential uses.

Any Climate, Any Season!

Artificial Ice Events builds synthetic ice skating rinks in climates as diverse as Vermont, New York, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. New England and upper Midwest states that are traditional hockey lovers can enjoy year round practices, games, and summer hockey camps with the versatility of a portable synthetic rink.

real ice skating feel

Our synthetic ice rinks evoke the feel of skating on a frozen lake or stream. The lubricating spray is activated by the touch of the blade on the artificial ice surface, just like a thin layer of water is generated when the skate blade touches frozen ice.