May 05, 2017

Wow! Craziness! It was awesome!

Wow!  Craziness!  It was awesome!


I can’t tell you enough what a great job Rob did as well as the lady who was right there with him and stayed with the Snow Globe (I can’t remember her name).  She was a rock star!  I know she never took a break I don’t think she even ate…


Now that I have a handle on it better and know how it works, I can really make this work.


Can we start working on a proposal for next year?  I need to more than double what I had.  If it had taken place on the original Saturday, I think we would have all ran screaming….it was highly attended to say the least.  Please let me emphasize how awesome Rob and my Snow Globe friend was.  I hope I have them next year!  Please let them know I said thank you.