College Winter Weekends can turn a bleak winter day into a memorable occasion There are many ways to make a college winter weekend special. The college skating party theme can be simple or extravagant and will easily become a tradition that students look forward to every year. After a whirlwind of activities during the Christmas and Chanukah holiday break, the winter can get very long and April seems a world away. Let Artificial Ice Events bring some excitement to a dull February college weekend on campus by creating a winter wonderland complete with a synthetic ice rink, all the ice skating supplies, and the promise of plenty of good times to be had.

Our artificial ice rinks are created from a unique plastic polymer that is easily assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Fitted for outdoor or indoor use, synthetic ice rinks give skaters the feeling of skating on real ice and can fit any available flat area. Transform your next college weekend event into a winter skating party at any time of the year. Perfect for Homecoming celebrations or a new student orientation activity to ‘break the ice’!