Winter fun can now be had in every season of the year and in every climate. The well-loved tradition of ice skating no longer has limitations on location or time of the year, thanks to the development of high-quality synthetic ice rinks. Outdoor skating in summertime is sure to attract a curious crowd with a Christmas in July party featuring our synthetic skating rinks!

Artificial Ice Events can bring the fun of skating to your special event anytime, anywhere. Christmas in July is no longer wishful thinking and the fun to be had is all real. Transform your spring, summer or fall special event into a winter wonderland with synthetic ice rinks rentals or even custom made ice rinks for sale.

Using the finest plastic polymer available on the market today, Artificial Ice Events has created products that endure extensive use and can withstand exposure to sun, wind and other weather conditions. Easy to maintain and clean, our artificial ice rinks allow for skating in sunny Miami, Florida, Arizona, lively Las Vegas, up-beat California or the big, hot state of Texas. With additional options such as winter themed props, snow machines for a veritable winter feeling and ice shows, you can bring the magic of winter alive in the heart of the summer!