February 02, 2020

Enjoy The Camaraderie At Your Church This Christmas With 5 High Throughput Attractions

We know how important your church services are and growing the number of parishioners within your campus. With Artificial Ice Events, we can make your next Christmas event amazing with our endless options of high throughput attractions. At the end of the day, you can gather donations from your church’s event, and enjoy the festivities that Artificial Ice Events can bring you. You can also check out our Ultimate Big Christmas Event Planning Guide for Churches eBook blog post that talks about all the features you could be taking advantage of for your next big Christmas event!

     1. Polar Golf

One of our newer winter attractions is sure to have your church and its community at your next event blown away! With 9 holes available, our inflatable course measures 60’ X 40’ X 15’ and serves up to 150 people an hour! Test your skills in a friendly game of mini polar golf at your next church event.

     2. Snowmazing

Our brand new winter maze invites you into the whimsical world of our snowman wonderland. It’s family-friendly, a centerpiece attraction, and can serve more than 1,200 people an hour. This is sure to be a hit at your church’s Christmas party or next giant winter themed bash.

     3. Toboggan Tunnel

The Toboggan Tunnel is a high thrill attraction for the younger crowd. All guests ages 12 and under can enjoy this unique attraction, and we want to show it off at your church! Each patron will slide down the roller hill slide on a winter sled! This is a perfect attraction for anyone trying to simulate a snow-covered hill sledding ride. It also serves 230 guests per hour! Perfect for your church’s community size.

    4. Snowzilla Jr. and Sr.

Our Snowzilla slides have been featured in major events and festivals across the country for over a decade!

The Snowzilla Jr. is over 90 feet long and 35 feet tall and can accommodate more than 100 people per hour! This high throughput attraction is in such demand we always sell out! See for yourself what the buzz is all about!

The Snowzilla Sr. is also a unique attraction for the fact that it uses real snow tubes! Ascend down the slide on top of a snow tube for an authentic winter experience! This attraction’s pure size will take your guests breath away and will keep them entertained for hours, days and even weeks! Being a bigger version of our Snowzilla Jr. means it also has a higher throughput rate of about 200 guests per hour. Even better for your church and its many friends and families!

     5. Everest Climb N Slide

Our 30 foot tall Everest Slide and centerpiece attraction can bring so much fun for the children (and even adults) of your community. Journey to the top of the peak and enjoy a fun ride down whichever path you may choose. This is one of our adrenaline packed attractions that brings excitement to the whole family. Being the giant church that you are, you can benefit from a throughput rate of over 250 riders per hour.

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