August 08, 2019

9 Incredible Corporate Holiday Party Themes

Another year, another basic corporate holiday party to plan. After getting last year’s decorations from storage and calling the caterer from last year to order the same sausage rolls and finger sandwiches, you instantly realize “why don’t I try something different this year?”


If you are ready to try some new corporate holiday party themes this year, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll receive some unique ideas you can use for just about any office or setting.


Are you ready to wow your colleagues with an amazing corporate holiday party? If so, keep reading to take your party to the next level.


1.The Amazing Race Theme

Inspired by the hit TV show, The Amazing Race, this team entails organizing a holiday party that combines exercise and team-building into one.


To set it up, organize a scavenger hunt. The goal is for participants to find the prized item and win. To obtain a clue, however, each participant will have to complete a challenge.


Your challenges can be exercise or mental-based, just as long as it stimulates the limits of your coworkers. At the end of the challenge, direct your colleagues to the party room where they can enjoy refreshments and a sense of pride in their conquest.

2.The Ugly Holiday Sweater Theme

Everyone is at least familiar with unappealing and flat-out ugly holiday sweaters. So, why not turn this familiarity into a theme. Instruct everyone in your office to wear their ugliest holiday sweater.


For anyone that refuses, give them an ugly sweater on hand with a pair of reindeer ears, or any other embarrassing prop. Finally, have everyone vote to decide who had the ugliest sweater and give away a prize.


Always remember to take one big photo of the event and post it on social media to show off the fun side of your company.

3.Holiday Masquerade Theme

If your company is more on the casual side, then why not inspire everyone to come dressed up for a masquerade ball? One of the best corporate holiday party themes is to hire an entertainer (band or performer) and have everyone put on their best attire.


To spice this theme up, invite your colleagues to dress up like famous celebrities or movie characters. Next, stick a note on everyone’s forehead. Everyone else will be able to see the note except for the person the note is on.


Finally, have everyone move around the room and guess who they are.

4.Winter Wonderland Theme

Nothing resembles the holiday season more than a lush, winter wonderful that you typically see in movies. You can recreate this beloved aspect of the holiday season in your holiday party in the following ways.


First, decorate your party location to look completely like a frozen wonderland. You can use fake snow, a bit of fog, and other decorations that are blue or white in color.


If you are lacking the inspiration to create your own winter wonderland theme, you can always look on Instagram or Pinterest for ideas.

5.Santa’s Workshop Theme

Santa’s Workshop is a mythical place inside the hearts of millions of children around the world. You can channel the “inner child” of your colleagues by organizing a Santa’s Workshop theme for your party.


Have someone dress up as Santa, elves, and even reindeer, while decorating your party location to resemble Saint Nick’s beloved home.


The best part about this theme is that it can go particularly viral online. Everyone can take turns taking pictures with Santa, and at the end of the party, all of your colleagues can receive a prize for participating.

6.Chocolate Factory Theme

If any of the above themes don’t work for you, then a Chocolate Factory theme should suffice. Because who doesn’t like chocolate?


Your decorations for this theme should be candy-based, with lots of stripes and candy colors. For food, nothing can be better than a candy buffet with a designated station to decorate cupcakes.


Also, to make the theme more memorable, try playing a game where everyone sits in a circle with Santa’s boots, coat, hat, eating utensils, and a big chocolate bar in the middle.


Have a single player roll a dice and then try to dress up in Santa’s clothes and eat a piece of chocolate until someone else rolls the same number as the first player.


If the player successfully eats the piece of chocolate before the next roll, then they’re the winner.

7.Holidays Around the World Theme

Practically every culture celebrates the holidays in their own way. Hosting a party where everyone can present their traditions is one of the most effective corporate party holiday themes you can use to promote team-building.


If you have a multi-cultural office, interview everyone in your office and write down their traditions and preferences for the holiday season. That way, everyone will feel comfortable and “at-home” during your holiday party.

8.Murder Mystery Holiday Party

Escape rooms have become an extremely popular attraction in the United States. Fortunately, you can create your own escape room just by organizing a murder mystery everyone will have to solve to get to the party.


Whether you take some inspiration from your favorite detective show (Columbo, Murder She Wrote, etc) or create a mystery on your own, this theme is bound to increase engagement and foster team-bonding in the workplace.


However, don’t make the mystery too challenging. Ideally, this should only be the precursor to the main event.

9.Holiday Ice Skating Theme

For this particular theme, you can set up an ice skating event for your coworkers to enjoy. Even if you don’t live in an area where the weather permits, you can rent a synthetic ice rink from Artificial Ice Events to host your party.


Ice skating is a popular pastime for millions of people around the world. However, your workplace should be full of people who have never been on the ice.


Plan your holiday ice skating theme by giving us a call at (800) 275-0185 to learn more about how you can take advantage of our synthetic ice products. You can also visit our eBook blog post to learn more all about our corporate holiday event ideas.

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