May 05, 2019

7 Appealing Corporate Party Ideas You Should Try in 2019

So, you’re in charge of throwing the next office party?


Organizing a vibrant corporate party is challenging can be challenging, especially since you have to factor in what each of your colleagues enjoys. Whether your office is more old-school or full of bright-eyed Millennials, it’s important to receive some inspiration before planning an office party.


In this article, you’ll learn about seven appealing and unique corporate party ideas you can try in 2019.

1. Sumo Wrestling

Existing for more than a thousand years, sumo is an ancient form of Japanese wrestling that involves two large athletes competing to push each other out of a small, 15-foot ring.


It takes several years of training to compete in a ring as a sumo wrestler. Fortunately, you can get your sumo on without spending a large majority of your life in training.


If you really want to put together a unique corporate party you can show off on social media and your friends and family, you can try renting some “sumo suits” online to experience the grace and beauty of the ancient sport without the many years of sacrifice.

2. Escape Room Challenge

Over the past few years, escape rooms have become a worldwide phenomenon. The concept of an escape room is to solve all of the riddles and puzzles with your team in order to leave. If you can’t do it within the allotted time, or give up, you lose.


There are a wide variety of escape room games that are extremely confusing, horror-filled, and downright weird. Therefore, if you want to achieve some team-bonding and put your intellect on the spot, you can book an escape room and see how you fare under the pressure.

3. Themed Bowling Night

For a corporate event, bowling is a safe bet because it’s simple enough for anyone to play and it can get very competitive. To put your own spin on bowling, you can try setting up a themed bowling night for your coworkers.


For example, you can break up your entire team into six-person groups with their own costumes and themes. Additionally, you can even award prizes for the best-dressed participants. The goal here is to get creative with your selected theme, whether you want to do a “blast from the past” costume party or have everyone dress as their favorite fruit.

4. Healthy Breakfast Before Party

If you’re getting ready to throw an amazing corporate party, you don’t have to set up just one party. You can alternatively organize a surprise event before the real party is set to begin.


That’s why putting together a breakfast before party is a great idea. When your coworkers arrive for work, surprise them with a healthy breakfast that will fuel a productive day. There are many breakfast vendors that will offer a group rate discount to accommodate you, so the main challenge here is to keep everything a secret.


The catch here is to make your colleagues believe that the breakfast party is the main event, or you can switch it up if you prefer.

5. Multicultural Potluck

Food is the centerpiece of any relationship, personal and professional. Therefore, why not host a celebration where your coworkers can show off their cooking chops. The best part about this idea is, of course, the moment where everyone gets to chow down.


However, a potluck like this will allow everyone in your team to get to know each other better.


6. DIY Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great addition for weddings and parties, but they can get a bit expensive.


If you don’t have the budget to rent a premium photo booth for your corporate party, you can simply make one yourself, and here’s how you can do it.


Step #1 – Create a Backdrop


  • The choices for your backdrop are endless. You can choose to hang some butcher paper from a pipe frame for a simple DIY photo booth, or you can get creative and decorate your own.


Step #2 – Get Some Props


  • Purchase some props at a local party store to encourage some hilarious poses. Signs, fake mustaches, wigs, and novelty hats are all great choices.


Step #3 – Take Your Photos


  • If you, or one of your coworkers, have a quality camera or smartphone, you can easily take the pictures you need. Though, if you have some of your budget left, go ahead and hire a photographer for the day.

7. Office Ice Skating

Do you want to do something really exciting and new? If so, ice skating is a great choice. Places like Artificial Ice Events allow visitors to skate on synthetic ice for a wonderful and thrilling experience.


If you want to try some winter-themed events for your next corporate party, give us a call at (800) 275-0185 to speak to a member of our sales team today!


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