June 06, 2019

6 Exciting Places You Can Take Your Church’s Youth in 2019

Are you searching for an exciting place to host your church’s youth event? If so, you’re not alone. Many pastors, youth leaders, and church organizers struggle to find a venue that will not only appeal to their youth group, but also foster a positive spiritual environment.


Today’s youth are dramatically different from young people in the past. As trends change, it can be challenging to decide where to host your next youth event. Fortunately, this article will present some solutions to this problem.


Keep reading to learn about all of the exciting places to take your church’s youth in 2019.

1. Escape Room Adventure

Escape rooms have grown tremendously in popularity over the years, especially among teenagers and young adults. These audiences are drawn to escape rooms because of the immense challenge it takes to successfully escape.


Escape rooms employ difficult puzzles and riddles, where the answers mysteriously hide in plain sight. Visiting your local escape room is a great way to stimulate your youth group’s minds and have everyone get to know each other.


What’s more is that many escape rooms aren’t particularly violent, so you can set up an event that’s age-friendly for your entire group.

2. Camping

Maybe in, say 1995, camping wouldn’t have been a unique idea for a youth summit, but times have certainly changed. The internet and social media have completely made today’s teenagers oblivious to the outdoors.


If you’re open to the idea, camping is an excellent way for your youth group to escape their online trance and interact with each other outdoors. Camping doesn’t have to be as simple or monotonous as it appears on television or movies. You can put your own spin to camping by creating a spiritual scavenger hunt or embarking on a night-time camping adventure.

3. Paintballing

It’s no secret that young adults and teenagers love video games. Paintballing gives young people the opportunity to recreate a video game experience in real life, typically in a much more safe environment.


Although paintballing is always a great idea for a youth event, getting hit with a paintball can hurt despite wearing the provided armor. For this reason, it may be a great idea to only include the older members of your youth group if you plan to go paintballing soon.

4. Picnicking Spot

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative for a grandiose youth event, then you should plan a picnic at a local park or outdoor destination. While picnicking may not be an original concept, it gives you the ability to make the event into something unique and appealing to your youth group.


For example, you can host a picnic event and transform it into a mega-field day filled with a wide variety of outdoor games and attractions. The aim of this idea is to create a unique theme for your picnic that your youth hasn’t seen before and will enjoy.

5. Bike Trail

Fitness is important, and bike trails have become a regular fixture in the lives of young people who desire to stay in shape. Therefore, if you want to host a youth event that will resonate deeply with a younger audience, visiting a bike trail is a great idea.


To liven up your youth event, you can try to hold a biking race, where members of your youth group can compete against each other for a prize. This can help you keep your youth engaged and encourage other young people to come out and join as well.

6. Winter-Themed Events

Do you want to try something new for your youth, like going figure skating? Fortunately, Artificial Ice Events provides quality winter-themed events you can visit any time of the year.

Whether you want to plan your next Christmas event on a skating rink or embark on an ice adventure in the middle of summer, you can visit Artificial Ice Events to take advantage of our thrilling winter-themed activities.


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