May 05, 2019

5 Creative Municipal Winter Themed Event Ideas

Winter is an incredible time of year. Unfortunately, it only comes once a year. With the right amount of planning and creativity, you can organize several municipal winter-themed events for your town.


If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next city-wide event, keep reading below to learn about five creative winter-themed event ideas you can try this year.

1. Tree Lighting Ceremonies

Tree lighting ceremonies are an important fixture in cities across the United States. These are great occasions for people to connect and enjoy some winter fun. If you want to make these events more exciting and attractive to both citizens and tourists, try renting a synthetic ice rink.


Doing so will allow others to ice skate in a designated location around the city, and a synthetic ice rink (like the one we provide) cuts down on water and energy use, saving the city money during the event.

2. Winter-Themed Party

Planning a city-wide party is an ideal way to increase public awareness engagement in your town. You can create a unique spin to your upcoming winter-themed party by inviting hometown celebrities and gaining sponsors from local businesses and home teams.


Ultimately, the centerpiece of your winter-themed party can be a figure skating event anyone can participate in. Figure skating is a popular activity that many people haven’t tried before, so it’s a great way to encourage people to visit and have fun with other citizens.

3. All-Season Skating

It’s no secret that ice skating is a popular pastime for millions of Americans. However, traditional ice skating rinks are only available during the wintertime. To wow your community and give them an opportunity to skate all year, you can host ice-skating events on specific dates throughout the year. Our synthetic ice makes it possible for anyone to enjoy ice skating no matter the location or time of year.


You can take advantage of this by setting up exclusive dates during the spring, summer, and fall to build interest in your community. Afterward, you can host a grand ice skating event in the winter to gain the interest of everyone who skated throughout the year.

4. New Year’s Eve Skating Party

Breaking in the new year is done in almost every city in the country. Instead of practicing a traditional New Year’s celebration in the city plaza, you can try holding an ice skating party that will lead up to the first second of the new year.


If you want to get creative with this idea, you can restrict people from skating on the ice until the new year begins. Then, you can take pictures and post them on social media, and gain the cooperation of local news outlets to showcase the excitement of your city’s New Year’s Eve skating party.

5. Christmas Party

Unlike the New Year’s Eve skating party idea, this particular idea should only be done in the afternoon of Christmas day. Christmas is all about spending time with family, so it’s important to realize that people are more active later in the day than on Christmas morning.


Just like how thousands of people gather to watch their town’s firework display on Independence Day, people will willingly do the same on Christmas if you rent an ice skating rink.


No matter if you live in Miami, Phoenix, or Los Angeles, you can enjoy an authentic winter-themed Christmas party by renting our synthetic ice rink. We also provide all of the necessary decorations and additions to make your Christmas party an unforgettable experience.

Plan Your Next Winter-Themed Party

No matter where you reside, hosting a winter-themed event is an amazing way to recreate the joyous holiday season. By employing all of the ideas above, you can create a stellar event that your community will cherish.


Fortunately, all of these ideas are provided by Artificial Ice Events. From tree lighting ceremonies to holiday-themed parties, we’ve got you covered with our turn-key synthetic ice solutions.


If you want to get started with planning your next winter-themed party, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call at 800-275-0185 to speak to a member of our sales team and learn more about how you can organize your winter-themed idea.


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