July 07, 2019

11 Amazing Municipal Event Ideas for any Occasion

Are you struggling to think of new event ideas for your city? If so, you’re not alone. Over time, it can be challenging to reinvent attendee experiences and keep event ideas fresh and new.


To help you get inspired, we have compiled 11 amazing municipal event ideas, themes, and formats you can try for any occasion.

1. Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies may not be all glamorous, but hosting one is a great way to recognize individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses that are doing great work in your city.


One great idea is to create a bizarre theme to encourage citizens to visit your award ceremony, such as a Halloween or 80s’ theme.

2. Bar Crawl

Hosting a lively event with drinks is an effective method for getting people to attend. A bar crawl is a tried and true event format that’s similar to a “meet and greet”. You can invite businesses to mingle during your next bar crawl to start a massive networking event creatives and professionals will be dying to get into.

3. Cabaret

A cabaret is a type of stage performance that is usually held in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. For a small fee, you can invite an adult audience to enjoy a vibrant mixture of song, dance, and drama that strongly resembles the culture of your town.

4. Trunk Sale

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Hosting a trunk sale at a designated location will allow people to make a few extra bucks selling their undesired valuables. You can ask for a small fee to allow participants to line up their cars and sell their items from their trunks.

5. Convention

With so many fandoms in an endless amount of genres, organizing a convention is as simple as outreaching to a local fan club. Working with fan clubs to set up local conventions is an incredible way to promote their interests to others and inform outsiders of the different subcultures that exist in their city.

6. Consumer Show

Business is an important part of any city. However, many local consumers are oblivious to the number of businesses in their town that they actually appeal to. Consumer shows are ideal for cities to inspire commerce and build consumer relationships among local businesses.


To create more business awareness in your city, designate a month to hold an annual consumer show and invite local and corporate business to participate.

7. Disco, Dance, or Ball

There aren’t many events in our culture that resonates strongly with any audience like dancing. Whether it’s a formal dance or a 21st century-style club theme, you can host a unique dance event to pique the interest of your community.


If you’re looking for ideas, consider hiring us to create a synthetic ice rink to encourage ice and figure skating in a popular park or wherever you desire.

8. Debate

In today’s highly political climate, people both young and old are greatly passionate about causes concerning their city and country. For this reason, sponsoring a city-wide debate where organization leaders can come together for amicable debate is an amazing idea.


Not only can a debate inspire politicians to get involved with popular causes, but it can also bring out audiences whose values represent the debaters.

9. Trade or Exhibition Shows

Trade shows are similar to consumer shows, but they’re typically not available the public and restricted for only professionals. In these shows, executives focus on selling high-value B2B services or goods.

10. Masquerade Parties

Masquerade parties are usually thrown around Halloween, but they give people an acceptable excuse to dress up in amusing, exotic, and outrageous costumes. You can take this idea a step further by requiring everyone to dress according to a specific fandom.

11. Fashion Show

If you’re looking for a municipal event idea that can raise money for charity, involve local businesses, and create a networking atmosphere for local models, hosting a fashion show is a great choice.


If it’s for your city, local retailers should have no problem working with participants to show off their fashionable products. What’s more is that arranging a fashion show is simple with the help of social media influencers.


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