October 10, 2019

10 Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas for 2019

Throwing the same old corporate holiday party is a great way to disengage your coworkers. Fortunately, you are reading this post now and we can help when it comes to planning and providing corporate holiday party ideas for your next event!


Lucky for you, planning an exciting holiday party is a straightforward process and can be simple if you’re game on using your thinking cap.


To help you organize a successful holiday party, here are ten unique corporate holiday party ideas. Keep reading to learn more about how you can put these ideas into action for your party.

1. Provide a Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate and cold weather are a match made in heaven. To liven up your party, add a hot chocolate bar that contains all of the ingredients you can use to make delicious hot chocolate.


You can even ask your guests to bring their own decadent ingredients and post photos of their concoctions on their social media profiles.


For better effect, include a station where your guests can decorate their own cookies. Of course, provide all of the ingredients to bake traditional holiday cookies and let the decorations and holiday baking fun begin.

2. Plan a Virtual Gift Exchange

If most of your team members work together virtually, then this is a great idea to show your colleagues how much you appreciate them. If you work with Slack, use the Secret Santa app that will guide you to Amazon Prime to order a gift and ship it to the recipient’s home office.


Finally, when everyone has received their gifts, start a video conference call so everyone on the call can see every gift being opened. Once the gifts are opened, reveal the identities of the Secret Santa.


Having a remote team doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the holiday spirit.

3. Volunteer

Nothing beats volunteering to promote your local community and spread goodwill during the holiday season. Fortunately, many people don’t mind volunteering their time to a charitable cause.


For your next holiday party, try something new by encouraging your team to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or another non-profit organization.


Not only is this a great way to partner and make new connections, but it’s also an effective opportunity for showing the human side of your brand.


When your team is done volunteering, treat your colleagues out to dinner or provide gifts to thank them for their time.

4. Ask Your Team What They Would Like to Do

It’s a bit unreasonable to plan a party and expect others to participate when you didn’t actively gain their input. Therefore, for your next holiday party, simply ask your team for ideas of what they would like to do.


Accepting these ideas will increase the engagement of your party and make it more likely for your team to participate in future corporate events.


This is one of easiest and unique corporate holiday party ideas you can try to create a party all of your coworkers will enjoy without doing any guesswork.

5. Take Your Team Out to Play a Competitive Sport

Competition reinforces team-building. During the holidays, you can take advantage of this by planning a sporting event everyone can participate in.


To start, conduct a survey or simply ask your team what sports they enjoy, even if it’s an indoor sport like ping-pong. Next, have everyone dress up in holiday-themed costumes and compete.


For example, you could encourage your team to dress up as Who’s and Grinches and compete with one another. If your workplace is younger than most, you can try video games instead.

6. Hire a Magician

Hiring a magician is a great way to boost team morale. This is often because people appreciate parties that are more than eat-and-drink socials.


Similar to how thousands of people gather in Las Vegas to watch magicians perform the unthinkable, you can replicate the same atmosphere during your holiday party.


Be sure to book a magician several months in advance to avoid any last-second blunders. Also, spend a lot of time comparing your options to see how you can hire the best magician for an affordable price.

7. Rent a Holiday Photo Booth

Social media is an integral part of society, so why not use that to plan a party your coworkers will feel comfortable in. If your workplace is full of bright-eyed Millenials, then renting a holiday photo booth is an excellent option.


Decorate your holiday photo booth to match the theme of your party, and have costumes available on hand so your coworkers can dress up.


At the end of the event, gather everyone to take an enormous photo with the silliest decorations and outfits. If you have a large team, instruct everyone to use a branded hashtag so your photos can go viral on social media.

8. Host a Multicultural Food Exchange

Everyone has their own customs when it comes to food. Some people are health nuts and extremely conscious about what they consume and others probably eat foods that you’ve never heard of.


Holiday parties can be a great time to enjoy the cultures of your team members. For this reason, host a potluck that presents some of the unique and delicious foods your coworkers have to offer.


This is one of the best and unique corporate holiday party ideas for sharing your colleague’s culture and differences throughout your workplace.

9. Take the Team Ice Skating

When was the last time you ever went ice skating? If you don’t remember or never been, then you should take the holiday season to enjoy ice skating with your colleagues.


Unfortunately, traditional ice skating is generally limited to cities where cold weather is the norm. However, Artificial Ice Events offers synthetic ice that gives everyone the opportunity to ice skate, regardless of the weather.


Do you want to plan a holiday party where everyone can get out of their comfort zone? If so, synthetic ice skating is a wonderful idea. Give us a call today at (800) 275-0185 for more information on how to reserve our synthetic ice rink for your holiday party. You can also visit our eBook blog post to learn more all about our corporate holiday event ideas.

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