January 01, 2020

10 Special Attractions for Your Church This Christmas Season

Your church and its campus are probably already preparing for the next Christmas in your community. Why not invite all those families and the entire church community to one of the most spectacular events yet? At Artificial Ice Events, we want to bring your church and its families and friends together one last time before the year ends. What better way to do that than with our stunning attractions and events.  We know how important Christmas and the Christmas season is to you and your church, so make it extra special this winter season. 

     1. Synthetic Ice

We know this is a big deal for your church and its entire campus. With our popular synthetic ice rinks, you can turn a special event into a spectacular one that nobody in your church will forget. We can create our rinks into any shape and size, so it can adhere to your campus’ requirements, as well. We can make your Christmas event a truly unforgettable experience with our amazing ice rinks.

     2. Snowman Bounce House

Looking for some more common fun for your Christmas event? Well, it’s not actually that common, as our Bouncy the World’s Tallest Snowman stands at 30 feet tall, but it’s a bounce house your community and its families will always remember. Have our snowman bounce house at all your church events! He is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Ask about our 30 foot tall Santa as well!

     3. Snow Globes

We offer so many different types of snow globes. Depending on how big your church is (and don’t worry, there is no church too big for us), we can have all of our snow globes available for your event! If you want an interactive one, we have those, as well. You might be wondering what exactly is an interactive snow globe. Well, our SnowGlobe Live is like no other! It’s an exciting winter wonderland photo experience where you actually step inside of it. Bring on the magic to your church and its entire campus with one of these 15 foot tall snowy wonderlands. There is no other way to remember Christmas other than with a snow globe.

     4. Snowmazing

Another one of our centerpiece attractions that is sure to keep your church and its families occupied and having a blast is our very own Snowmazing. Our winter themed maze invites you into the whimsical world of our snowman wonderland. It has a very high throughput, keeping everyone at your Christmas event busy with one attraction or another.

     5. Everest Climb N Slide

We want to make sure everyone is having a spectacular time at not only your church’s service, but its events as well.  Our 30 foot tall Everest Slide and centerpiece attraction can bring so much fun for the children (and even adults) to your entire church and its community. Journey to the top of the peak and enjoy a fun ride down whichever path you may choose. This is one of our adrenaline packed attractions that brings excitement to the whole family. 

     6. World’s Largest Rocking Horse

This giant attraction is truly one of its kind. As a fully functional rocking horse, it accommodates four riders at a time. It’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser wherever it goes – so bring it to your next event at your church! Both the young and the old crowds will be left in awe after just seeing this attraction.

     7. Toboggan Tunnel

The Toboggan Tunnel is a high thrill attraction for the younger crowd. All guests ages 12 and under can enjoy this unique attraction, and we want to show it off at your church! Each patron will slide down the roller hill slide on a winter sled! This is a perfect attraction for anyone trying to simulate a snow-covered hill sledding ride.

     8. Street Stones Mobile Curling Lanes

Have you ever tried curling? Do you think your church and the entire campus can handle a little friendly competition? Our mobile, synthetic curling lanes are one of our newer attractions that offer just as much fun as any other. These are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with no water required. If you might be intimidated by the game, remember no experience is required and it’s fun for all ages! It surely is a crowd pleaser for anyone involved in your church. Our curling lanes can serve up to 150 guests per hour, so keep your church, its friends and families occupied throughout the whole event.

     9. Enchanted Ornaments

The Enchanted Ornament is an exciting and safe air supported vinyl ornament that allows anyone to enter and experience the magic of being inside! What better way to experience Christmas than to step inside an actual life size ornament? Show your community and its families how much you love Christmas by showing this off at your next mega church party.

     10. Snow Effects

Artificial Ice Events literally has you covered – covered in snow! We are your one stop shop for winter snow effects. So whether you’re organizing a massive Christmas event for your church in Texas, Mississippi, or even Florida, we’ve got you covered. We use commercial grade units that can create a gentle snowfall or even an intense flurry to meet the standards of your Christmas event. Not only do we use these machines in the outside environment, but we can also make your indoor experience a snow fallen world, as well. Anything to bring a smile to your entire community we are happy to abide by.

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