Ice Skating Shows

Ice Skating Shows

The memory of ice skating shows runs a chill down our spine. The moves and the grooves – we just cannot dare to forget them. The enjoyment and ecstasy of the skaters is evident from their smiling faces. Such shows make us forget our world and walk us through to an altogether different one. Artifical ice event plans for you ice skating shows that will sweep you off your feet: all using Synthetic Ice!

What Have We To Offer?

We at Artificial Ice Events have a host of skating options to offer. These include the ones listed below:

  • We can provide skaters for promotions
  • Upon request, we can provide head shots of each skater so that clients can select the desired image for the event
  • We can teach people to skate, for example, a learn to skate program
  • Theatrical skaters perform shows with high entertainment value
  • We offer singles shows, pairs, or even entire choreographed ensembles
  • Professional performance skaters can do performances throughout the entire day
  • Our performers can wear costumes we custom design for customers
  • We can use music customized for the customer and rehearse an entire custom show based on client’s requests
  • All of our skaters are experienced skating on artificial ice
  • For performances requiring custom choreography, we can submit video footage of rehearsal time so clients are in the loop of show development and know what to expect

Ice skating shows remind us of stunning dance performances of a pair with great chemistry that spreads a natural smile on your face. It is just like theatre on ice that takes you to some other world where there are no worries at all. But sometimes, it becomes impossible for a person who lives in a place where there are no possibilities of snowfall.

FORGET THE PAST… There’s a big change now. You can derive the same pleasure using artificial ice. From Texas-Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Florida-Miami, Orlando, Arizona, California-San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York to any in-between area where there is no possibility of snowfall, ArtificialIceEvents can provide a great ice-skating experience for your guests in any climate, almost any time of the year. You can count on Artificial Ice Events to provide you with the attention to all necessary details you deserve for your ice rink event.

Ice Skating Shows at Artificial Ice Events

For real and energetic Artificial Ice Shows, you will find people at ArtificialIceEvents quite helpful. They

  • Provide instruction, practice, and advancement to the members
  • Promote free skating, dancing, and all types of figure skating
  • Encourage and cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling among ice skaters
  • Sponsor and produce or cooperate in the production of amateur ice carnivals, exhibitions,competitions, and shows

So this time, plan watching a dazzling Ice skating show featured by the professionals at Artificial Ice Events. You will enjoy your corporate event or any celebration that needs to impress and delight more than ever. World class ice skating stars, special event lighting and sets, and a custom-designed synthetic skating rink combine for the dazzling success of an artificial ice skating show. Artificial Ice Events is the premier provider of temporary and portable ice skating rinks in the country. We provide excellent service and on time installation of real ice skating rinks and synthetic ice skating rinks.

Here, you’ll find year-round outdoor ice rinks that are best known for the weekly performances of skating stars that take place anytime as and when you plan for a party.

It is also one of the nation’s most advanced and experienced ice rink management firms, providing expert care and consultation services for your ice arena. So you are open to plan ice skating shows almost anytime!

Clients who have skated with us!

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