Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size and thickness of the synthetic ice rink?
A: The skating rink can be almost any size. The rink is assembled like a giant puzzle using dovetail sheets of ice that are 45″ x 90″ and ½ inch thick. Your portable ice rink can be assembled in any configuration that 45″ X 90″ sheets permit. Our team can help you design the perfect size and shape of artificial ice rink for your special event, product promotion, or winter festival.
Q: How long will it take for ice rink construction?
A: Assembly time for a synthetic skating rink varies depending on the size of the rink. The most time consuming part of assembling the rink is getting the panels to the desired location. Each artificial ice sheet weighs approximately 85 pounds and some installations require carrying individual sheets to the desired location. We recommend leaving approximately 3 hours for set up and 2 hours for disassembly of your temporary ice skating rink.
Q: How does the ice skating rink go together?
A: The synthetic ice sheets are hammered together like giant puzzle pieces. Our new interlocking panel system makes installation fast, simple and insures a tight seal between panels.
Q: How many people can skate on it at one time?
A: We recommend 1 person per 40 square feet of ice space. Each synthetic ice panel is approximately 30 square feet.
Q: Will it work for hockey?
A: Yes! Hockey skating maneuvers are easy on our synthetic ice. The puck responds as it would on conventional ice, so you can practice all of your hockey moves from the traditional stops to slap shots to goal tending. You will find our synthetic ice hockey rinks installed in a number of hockey clubs and sports facilities, as well as family homes in basements, backyards and even bonus rooms.
Q: Will it work for figure skating?
A: YES! Many professional figure skaters request our ice in show venues where they want the best. More forgiving than conventional ice, our synthetic ice can enhance training and enable you to perform all jumps, spins and figure skating maneuvers with ease.
Q: Do I need special skates?
A: No. Any regular hockey or figure skate is perfect! The ice was designed to reduce friction and enhance performance no matter what the skate. Simply keep your skate blades sharpened for maximum results.
Q: Will it work at temperatures below freezing?
A: Yes! The synthetic ice panels are manufactured from special synthetic polymers so its surface can be enjoyed year-round and in all temperatures. Developed for indoor/outdoor use, the panes are sturdy, UV-stable and stress relieved so they won’t degrade in sunlight or warp as temperatures increase or decrease.
Q: Are you insured?
A: Absolutely! We offer additional insured listings and require all skaters to sign a hold harmless agreement which is available upon request.
Q: Can the rink be used in the rain or snow?
A: Yes, a wet surface is actually faster than a dry one.
Q: How do you clean the rink?
A: By sweeping or power washing.
Q: What is sprayed on the rink?
A: An environmentally safe spray lubricant that reduces friction and enhances glide and speed of ice skating. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-detectable. The spray only needs to be applied a couple times of month even with heavy usage and when applied correctly, it is not greasy, it is totally water soluble, it will not stain clothing and is environmentally safe and EPA approved. Please click here for the MSDS on the solution.

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