Artificial Ice Comparisons

Artificial Ice Events is the original and largest synthetic Ice Rental Company in the United States. See what sets us a part from competitors and real ice.

Artificial Ice VS. Real Ice

On average an 85’ × 185’ ice rink set up indoors of real ice costs approximately $5-7k per month in refrigeration costs. Unlike with synthetic ice rinks, it takes approximately 10 miles of piping to freeze an ice rink. Glycol (anti-freeze) is chilled by compressors and flows continuously through the pipes 24 hours a day to keep the temperature of the ice surface at a cool 16 degrees. It takes 15,000 gallons of water to make a regulation-size rink ready before hockey games are to be played on them. Approximately 150 gallons of water are needed for resurfacing. None of this is necessary with artificial ice… no water, no refrigeration, no kidding!

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