Giant Snow Globe

Giant Snow Globe

Christmas is about to be in. There’s is excitement in the air. A brand new attraction available for hire awaits you this Christmas season: the Giant Snow Globe . It is already proving to be a big hit with the existing people, typically with those planning for Christmas and Winter Wonderland themed events. The Giant Snow Globe is one-of-its-kind attraction. It has the matchless quality of bringing people together during the Christmas period. If planning any artificial ice for special events, the globe will get people talking about your event for many days.

Big Snow Globe: Reasons For Growing Popularity

The popularity of Giant Snow Globe at artificial ice for corporate holiday party is escalating. It is showing upward trend mainly because of the following grounds:

  • It’s novel, harmless fun
  • It provides snow play area
  • It’s a funny, silly, family thing to do
  • It’s a “neat feel-good holiday experience”
  • It’s magical to see snow falling around in the air
  • It gives the natural feel even with theatrical grade snow
  • It’s intriguing to enter and be inside the human snow globe
  • It’s thrilling to be higher up off the ground than spectators outside

Snow Globes: Past Vs Present

Snow globes have been attracting people since past many years, but they have begun replacing the traditional glass paperweights. Snow globes were being given out as advertising gifts and as presents for Catholic school children after crossing over to America in the early 1940s. Since then,

the snow globe has become a powerful symbol of Christmas tradition delighting people of all ages. So imagine their faces on seeing a beautiful winter scene. This really makes the Christmas event utterly different.

IN THE RECENT TIMES, it lends itself to a take home souvenir, a take home photo opportunity. It’s a memory. Lots of places will make money off this because people go in, a professional photographer takes their pictures, and sells them printed copies of the photos. Lots of theme parks, for example, do this. It pays for itself. People also will take their own photos of children playing in it and share those pictures with others.

Big Snow Globe Styles

Big Snow Globes with Public Entry Snow dome Portals allow the general public to enter the Big Snow Domes for picture taking and branding opportunities. They can accommodate over a thousand visitors per day. People of all ages love to be photographed in the giant-sized, inflatable Snow globes. It’s a great opportunity for taking Christmas pictures with Santa in an artificial ice for winter wonderland event.

Big Snow Globes for display props and models are designed for viewing by the public and do not have entry portals. These Snow Domes are designed for the display or models and dancers as they do not have the easy access doors for the general public. The globes are perfect for attraction and getting more attention also.

Aura of Life-size Snow Globe

It not only recreates the snowfall but even allows you to be a part of the scene. People enter the giant snow globe via the inflatable entrance and take a seat on Santa’s sledge. Once seated within unique giant see-through dome, the snow begins to fall down and around them. As a part of attraction, people can also take photos housed within a custom frame of the customers’ experience inside the globe. They can take home an exciting and wholly novel experience.

Big Snow Globes are available almost everywhere on the planet for your Snow Globe Display, or we can even create a custom Interactive Big Snow Globe for your event on order. It is up to you to put any display in the big snow globes. They are available in a variety of sizes that will fit most locations.

Custom Big Snow Globes Design

People can create custom snow globes as well as other designs for Crystal Snow Domes. If you have a design for a Big Snow Globe, you can try to realize personal Snow Globe creation. Big Snow Globes and Big Snow Domes are available in several standard sizes as well. You can watch all sorts of portable interactive snow globes you want at Artificial Ice Events.

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