Custom Sythetic Ice Rink Sales

Artificial Ice Events offers the best synthetic ice rinks on the market today. Through intensive research and engineering, we have developed a product using the finest plastic polymers available that endures all weather conditions and extended repetitive use. Environmentally stable for long term installations, our synthetic ice can withstand harsh sun, rains, snow and winds without losing its durability; the ice will never deteriorate, change color, thickness or density. Our synthetic ice sheets are easy to maintain and keep clean through simple power washing or sweeping. Refinishing is not needed with Artificial Ice Events products.

Skating Past the Competition

Less expensive imitations require you to cover their product with large tarps to protect the ice sheets from sunlight which will deteriorate them. Other competitive products sandwich a piece of plywood between sheets of plastic and risk rotting, swelling or delaminating. It was our goal when designing this product to make synthetic ice cost efficient without having to worry about wear and tear. We have achieved superb results and our ice rink sales have sky-rocketed.

A Lifetime of Ice Skating Experience Makes the Difference

Artificial Ice Events has gained the knowledge of producing the best ice rink supplies to offer our clients through years of professional ice skating. Our synthetic ice rinks create a realistic smooth, gliding effect similar to real ice and can be used for all ice skating events. With the added bonus of needing less maintenance and being environmentally friendly, our synthetic ice rinks are perfect for town skating, school ice rinks and even unique mall attractions.

Nationwide Ice Rink Construction in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston and Dallas

We offer custom rink packages that include all necessary ice rink equipment for a true ice rink experience including ice skates, rubber flooring and fencing. Skating surfaces are available in all sizes for both permanent and mobile installations. All synthetic ice rink panels are “quick-connect” style and can be assembled or disassembled fast and efficiently! See our chart of common sizes and ice rink sales pricing; as a point of reference a standard ice hockey rink is 85′ X 200′. Please contact us for additional sizes and costs.

Clients who have skated with us!

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