Artificial Ice Skating Surface

Artificial Ice Skating Surface

Do you live at a place where you can’t even dream of snowfall? Are you charmed with falling and spraying snow in movies but can’t wait to see it live? We have a solution for snow-stranded folks like you… We at Artificial Ice Events will work your way to artificial ice skating shows to fill your heart with real snow-filled pleasure. Can’t believe it? Let me tell you how we make it possible for you using theatrical grade ice that appears so very natural. Now you can have the same, real fun of ice skating, but with artificially created surfaces.

Truly amazing, as it sounds!!!

Why Choose Synthetic Ice Skating Surface?

Experience ice skating shows on an artificial ice skating surface with Artificial Ice Events. Artificial ice works all year round even in warm climates. Skaters love being able to enjoy the freedom of gliding over the ice without wearing any heavy or cumbersome winter outdoor clothing to ward off the cold. Apart from this, the benefits enlisted below advocate the use of artificial ice even when real ice is available as an option:

Benefits of skating on a synthetic ice surface

  • It’s low friction surface allows you to skate maximum that gives you real fun.
  • It doesn’t require any temperature and environment restriction as it needs in real ice.
  • It has low weight as compared to real ice permitting artificial ice rink installation on roofs, mezzanines, and other locations where real ice is not practical.
  • It doesn’t require any extra space for storing as it can be done in a very compact space when not being used.
  • It can be used on moving floats.
  • It works great for special events.

When it comes to Artificial Ice Events rinks, you require NEITHER WATER NOR ELECTRICITY. You can simply lay down your rink in minutes and start skating, whenever you want, wherever you want, for many years. You can enjoy that soothing surface skating, dancing, and much more. You can also get sporty by putting on your hockey skates or figure skates and practice all year round, no matter how hot or cold it is. Not withstanding what the place or season is, you can truly feel the unique magic of this synthetic ice product and enjoy your holidays with real winter-skating effect.

When considering an artificial ice surface to train on, you just have to be a bit careful that it is fake ice. But then there is our artificial ice for winter wonderland, the most technologically advanced realistic Artificial Ice available in the market today. We take pride and precision in creating our custom Artificial Ice Events and are sure that you’ll find your event much more dazzling, once you decide to engage us. Whether planning an indoor event for your family or an artificial ice exercise area, we can bring a world of difference for you. Let us assist you in organizing an event on artificial ice skating surfaces whether it is indoor or outdoor, you will be sure to get the best night/day out that had ever happened to you.

We look forward to bringing you, your family and friends many years of enjoyment at a very competitive price. Let the professionals on synthetic Ice show you how you can skate on Synthetic Ice.

Skate Indoors

If you have hockey enthusiasts or figure skaters in your family, you can plan it. It gives place for special indoor games. You can practice all year long in the convenience of your own home-like friendly environment. It feels as if you are skating on real ice. You can develop stronger strides and better stick-handling or shooting and gain the confidence to master all edgework of regular ice.

Skate Outdoors

You will find here panels that are good for indoor or outdoor applications and that can contend with some of the most severe temperature conditions. You can organize your event as if it is a party for winter holidays. You can also plan for corporate parties. Synthetic ice surface, made of high-tech polymeric compounds which closely mimic the performance of real ice, is especially suitable for tropical climate. The reason: it does not require a climate controlled environment and is significantly easier and cheaper to maintain compared to real ice surfaces. So we can assist you plan some spectacular outdoor skating events typically for you…

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