Artificial Ice

Artificial Ice

What is Artificial Ice?

Artificial Ice is a plastic material that is molded into jig-saw-puzzle like pieces that snap together to make an ice skating rink on top of virtually any flat surface. Artificial Ice skating surfaces enable you to do anything you would want to do on real ice, but without the limitations. Since it is made of smooth plastic, Artificial Ice does not melt and it enables you to skate anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and in any climate. In warm climates you can enjoy skating without wearing winter clothes.

Artificial Ice Events has more artificial ice skating surface than anyone else in the business, we use the highest quality artificial ice skating surface and skating surface solution, and we have the most experience using this technology to provide the best possible experience for skaters and event planners.

Artificial Ice Skates Just Like Real Ice!

The Benefits of Artificial Ice

  • It’s portable and can be used on virtually any flat surface
  • Easy to assemble, quick to install or remove
  • Does not melt, and can be used in warm or cold climates, in any season
  • UV Stable, resilient material can be used outdoors, even in direct sunlight
  • Low maintenance, minimal care needed
  • No water or refrigeration is needed
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Available for both short and long term rentals
  • Great for Skating, Hockey, Broomball, Recreational skating, figure skating and much more

A Little Background about Artificial Ice Events

A lifetime of skating and a world of experience led to the creation of Artificial Ice Events. Founded by Michael Gallant, a nationally competitive speed skating veteran and owner of event company Perfect Parties USA, Artificial Ice Events is the marriage between his two passions: Ice Skating and Special Events.

Artificial Ice Events has been developing and refining artificial ice for ice skating rinks for many years. Michael Gallant is a fierce competitor who won’t be satisfied with anything less than top performance, which is why his Artificial Ice is the superior product… it skates just like real ice! Learn more about the history of Artificial Ice here.

When To Use Artificial Ice

Artificial Ice is an exciting feature at any event. When people experience an artificial ice skating event, they have a unique experience that they remember and talk about for years to come. Artificial Ice will be the coolest new attraction for your next group event. Ice skating appeals to a wide audience and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

  • Corporate Events
  • Winter Wonderland Events
  • Temporary Rental Ice Skating Rinks
  • Zoos and Museums
  • Church Events
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shopping Centers
  • Municipal Events
  • Public Parks and Commons
  • Holiday Parties
  • Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvah, any Special Event
  • Summer Ice Hockey Camp
  • Public Ice Skating Rinks
  • Tree Lighting Ceremonies
  • Movie Premiers
  • College Winter Weekends
  • Casinos
  • Product Launches
  • Municipalities
  • Festival of lights
  • Winter Weekends

Contact Us for the Perfect Artificial Ice Events

We provide the “ice” and so much more:

Combining the time-tested and the recent technology-driven methodology, we have made available for you artificial ice rinks made from an exclusive polymer compound that not only has the advantage of quick installation but also relieves us of the expenses incurred on electricity, water, and refrigeration plant. Artificial Ice can be installed anywhere on any flat surface indoors or outside in just a few hours.

Clients who have skated with us!

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